Why We Love Birkenstock!

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At Get Set Footwear we are obsessed with Birkenstock!  We Love wearing them just as much as our customers!  In fact, most days they are our go to shoes to wear in store standing up all day. 

Staff wearing Birkenstock

Why? Because they are so supportive.  Not only do they have awesome arch support, there’s a lot more going on in the Birkenstock Foot bed that stretches and exercises our feet with every step. 

Birkenstock Footbed

This leaves our feet feeling relaxed and refreshed even after a busy day selling shoes.  This is why athletes and dancers have been known to wear Birkenstock for recovery after practice.  Birkenstock are great for people with tired, sore feet.  You can wear them on the weekend and around the house on hard floors.  Wearing Birkenstock can help with foot problems such as Plantar Fasciitis. 

Birkenstock haven't always been in fashion though, for a long time they were even considered a fashion Faux Pas!  Can you believe it!  Who would have predicted that only a few years ago Birkenstock would finally become a main stream fashion staple to be enjoyed by everyone young and old. 

Birkenstock Gizeh Tabacco

At Get Set Footwear we can’t believe how popular they’ve become.  We have been selling them for 15 years and its great to see so many new people discovering them.  When someone buys their first pair of Birk’s instore, we often say ‘’Happy Birkenstock Day’’ or ‘’Welcome to the Club’’.  Once you’ve had Birk’s you can’t live without them. 

They really are life changing, and that’s why we love Birkenstock!

Written by Lauren, Owner of Get Set Footwear

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